I was introduced to America’s Best Dance Crew a few weeks ago by Akshay. Out of all the reality shows I watch, I actually really like this one due to a number of factors– the kids who are on this show have genuine, visible talent and aren’t just doing this to try to start dating someone famous. The judges seem honestly engaged in the process, and give the appearance of wanting the contestants to do well (not always the case for some other shows out there). And the main reason I love this show so much is because I wish I could dance like them with all my heart!

In any case, I don’t follow ABDC obsessively, but I’ll watch it every now and then when there’s nothing else on. Last week I happened to flip it on and was given the opportunity to watch the second to last show of the season, leading up to the finale. When Quest Crew came on I literally watched the entire thing with my jaw dropped, a huge smile on my face, and what must have been a silly incredulous expression on my face. They were just INSANE. I’ve never seen anything like it. Then they followed up with their second performance, and I couldn’t stand the adulation. I actually pulled out my cell, punched in the 1-800 number, and voted for a reality show contestant for the first time in my life. THEY WERE THAT GOOD.

Don’t believe me? I watched the show’s re-run immediately afterwards to make it 2 hrs in a row of ABDC, and am watching yet another showing as I write this. Still don’t believe me? Watch QC’s performance here:


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