Seriously people, who are all of you who keep finding my blog through your “mojito” searches??? And why only that particular drink? Why not vodka tonics, or wine, or whiskey, or any of the other lovely concoctions I like to imbibe from time to time? Yeesh.

In other news, the roommate dilemma has been resolved by yours truly. A friend of a friend came to see the place last night, liked it, and wants to move in. I will never get a thank you from my ex-roomie, but at least I know I basically saved her butt and kept her from having to pay March rent (and possibly going to small claims court). What can I say, I’m just a mover and a shaker.

In other other news, I’m seeing a studio tomorrow– super cute, in the area I want. But it won’t be available until September. I’m still looking forward to seeing it, and hoping I can find something I like that will work out, and NOT break my bank budget.

Finally, can’t wait until this weekend! I’ll be heading down to Queens to see H and possibly R too. Yay!!!


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