More Change

So I was bored and decided to change the look of the site again. Not that it really matters, no one reads this anyway! But I think I like this theme a lot better than the last one.

Had a great weekend in NYC with Huma! I took off a little early on Friday and drove down to Queens. We went out to dinner and had a yummy persian meal. As scary movie buddies we tried to go watch Friday the 13th (on Friday the 13th, get it? It would have been awesome!) but the only showing was at midnight and that was too late/early for us. So we ended up renting The Watcher with a young Keanu Reeves and James Spader (oddly, Keanu was the bad guy and Spader was the good guy– random)… it was a pretty ridiculously bad movie, but we suffered through to the bitter end!

Saturday we woke up late (well, late for me– around 10:30, 11?) and headed to DD for some coffee and egg and cheese sandwiches. Once we were properly nourished we drove off to Shea Stadium and hopped on a train to NYC. 20 minutes later we were in the city!

I’d never been to Canal Street before, so Huma decided we had to go and check it out. We started at one end and began the process of bargaining down for illegal knockoff purses. It was an utterly fascinating experience! You walk into these teeny little ‘stores’ that are filled with bags and bags, and someone will slyly approach you, whisper “Coach? Chanel? Gucci?!” out of the corner of their mouths. You nod, they give a little tip of the head, and you follow them into an opening that magically appears in a back wall. There might be a trapdoor, or a narrow dark staircase, or just a crowded passage through what appears to be a storeroom. Sooner or later, you’ll make it into your destination- a small, cramped dark room lined from floor to ceiling with purses and bags and sacks that all have designer labels stamped or plastered on her. There is a woman or man standing there, you take a quick look around, and start negotiating down the price. I felt like I was back in China!

Huma and I spent nearly 3 hours on one block of Canal Street, going into every single storefront. We each came away with a pretty ‘designer’ purse, and a few hours of laughs. We stumbled over to a thai restaurant and had an early dinner, then made our way back to Queens. For some reason Huma decided she wanted to bake a cake, so we stocked up on supplies and baked a disgustingly sweet vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and red lettering with red sprinkles. We bailed on watching Watchmen, and settled on her couch with Derailed instead. I totally called every single ‘twist’ the movie tried to throw at us. Me: 1, Derailed: 0. Huma fell asleep during her ‘nap’ at 1 AM so I read for a little, then made her come to bed so we could snuggle together, haha.

Sunday we relived our college days at IHOP, and then I helped her with her wedding registry at Crate and Barrel. Sunday night I headed home and collapsed, exhausted. It was a tiring yet fun weekend. We didn’t really do that much, but we had a lot of fun nonetheless.


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