Happy St. Patty

May the luck o’ the Irish be with you! Living in Boston I have come to appreciate St. Patrick’s Day. You have an excuse to wear the obnoxious green scarf living in the back of your closet, eat lots of boiled beef and cabbage, and imbibe in a brew or two.

I’ve only ever gone out and ‘done it up’ properly once, a few years back. A girl I’d become friendly with through a social group I was active in at the time took me out downtown and we hung out for most of the day at a bar in Fanueil Hall. I had a corned beef sandwich and a Guinness for breakfast. We talked until the crowd and the noise got too much to handle, and then we wandered over to the North End for a cookie and cappuccino. I was on the train headed home by 4:30 pm, completely sober. It wasn’t quite what I’d expected (i.e. drunken debauchery), but I figured it was an experience.

A few hours later, I was snuggled up in my bed reading through some emails. A note from a guy I’d met at a recent party caught my eye. We’d originally struck up a conversation due to our ethnicity– he was Indian, and I’m half Indian. [Sadly, this is how a vast majority of my conversations get started. People are constantly mistaking me for something I’m not.] In any case, I’d thought he was funny, and told him we needed to hang out later at some point. He saw me online, and after hearing I’d been out in Boston came to the conclusion that I was (of course) completely trashed. Hah, um…. no. I promptly disabused him of that notion, and so he cajoled me into coming out to help him drown his sorrows (India had just lost their cricket game). I figured sure, why not? It was still St. Patty’s day, after all. The night was young and I was ready to let loose.

I headed back out and met up with Boy in Back Bay. We found the first bar without a cover or line to get in, and settled in for the night. Drunken comrades to share amusing stories with? Check. Frosty mugs of beer? Check. College basketball on the flat screens? Double check. I stumbled home after midnight, drunk, happy, and a smile on my face.

Did I mention that I had my first kiss on St. Patrick’s Day? Yeeaaaahhh….


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