Home Sweet Home

So I’m looking for apartments, hoping to move closer to BU sometime later this summer. Yesterday was a pretty nice day here in Beantown so I took advantage of the clear weather to check out some apartments. First I met up with a nice broker from Mission Hill who took me around to some places in Fenway. The buildings had a nice location, but the apartments themselves were just ok. Dingy, tiny, cramped… cracked and peeling walls, patched-up sections in the tiled bathroom walls… they were just eh.

So after Chris dropped me back, I hopped on the Orange line and headed downtown to stroll around my new neighborhood. I brought my camera and took some pictures of the Charles river near the BU Bridge, and the SOM building. Also took a few snaps of some random places like the Post Office and some statues. As I was walking down Comm Ave, I passed by a stately old building with a hunter-green awning out front. I walked by, then stopped. Why does that building look so familiar? I wondered. Then I noticed a rental agency sign over to the left. Hmmm…. I pulled out a pad and pencil and started to write down the phone number. Then I hit myself in the head (figuratively). I’m here! Let’s just do this!

I cautiously opened the door and was cheered to see a friendly young woman sitting at a computer at the bottom of the stairs. “Come on in!” she gestured. We started talking about the different units that were available, and the price ranges. “Do you want to see one of the available studios right now?” she asked.
“Sure, why not!”

We headed over to the lobby to take the elevator up to the second floor. I looked around me at the brass, mirrored walls, and marble floors, then turned to Ashley.
“This is really embarrassing, but I think I used to date someone who lived in this building. I feel like I’m retroactively stalking him.”
“Does he still live here?!”
“No, thank god!” Haha.

Small world, huh?

P.S. the apartment was gorgeous, with an amazing location that literally can’t be beat. I could see the Citgo sign from the window, and right behind that lies BU SOM! Not even a five minute walk. Let’s see what happens.


One Comment on “Home Sweet Home

  1. hey i want to call you but know you can’t speak so i just wanted to say that im thinking of you and hope that everything went well today…!

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