Road to Recovery- Pt. 2

So it’s been about two and a half days now since the surgery. I was really nervous when preparing for the surgery, because I wasn’t sure what symptoms I’d be feeling or what I would need to eat, etc. Essentially, what you need to keep in your fridge/pantry are soft foods and lots of liquids. Stay away from the dairy-based items like ice cream and yogurt, because those will only cause more mucus to build up in your throat, and you don’t need that– at least not right away.

What I’ve ended up craving (when I actually have had an appetite, which has been rare) is Arizona Green Tea with honey and ginseng, jello, rice pudding, and mashed potatoes. I also bought some Ensure based on the recommendation of someone online, but it hasn’t been that interesting to my post-op appetite. The other item I would highly recommend to buy is popsicles or sherbert.

And last but not least, a cold pack for your neck– this will definitely help soothe the aches. I found one at CVS that is made especially for the neck and shoulder, and it has been a great help. I put it on after breakfast when the throat hurts a lot (from the eating), and stick it back in the fridge once the fake pea-gels have lost their chill.

Things I bought that I wish I hadn’t– yogurt, dairy-based drinks, ice cream, pudding, eggs (the doctor suggested not to eat eggs until later in the recovery process, since scrambled eggs will break apart in your mouth and make it harder to swallow). I did buy some butternut squash that was already mashed, but to my surprise I haven’t been eating that much of it. Normally I would devour something like this since it’s a mainstay of my winter grocery list. I’m sure I’ll probably eat more once I start feeling a little better.

Otherwise, I had a much better night last night. I still woke up around 3 AM again for another dose of medicine, but I actually was able to get a bit more uninterrupted sleep, and no dry mouth! This morning I also didn’t feel as bad as I had Wednesday morning. Let’s hope that I continue to feel an improvement each day.


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