Road to Recovery- Pt. 3

I have not been feeling so sleepy lately, in comparison with how I felt on Tuesday and Wednesday, when it was a true struggle just to keep my eyes open and keep track of what was going on in the movies Mom and I were watching. (Hey, wait a second… weren’t we just watching a young hot Robert DeNiro? How did we get to Cuba?!)

The pain has been getting slightly better every day, but it is still significant. I have started wearing my ice collars for most of the day, switching them when the ice melts or the gel takes on too much heat from my neck. I have also been sleeping better, but I still am waking up pretty consistently around 3 AM for another dose of medicine. This morning I decided to take Tylenol instead of the narcotics, and I think that worked pretty well. I had a crazy dream though, in which I was eating a delicious, crunchy, crusty sandwich. I woke up in a panic before I realized it was just a dream. That’s the last kind of thing I need to be putting in my body right now!

A came by yesterday night and brought me flowers, and they are sitting cheerfully on my kitchen counter right now. I was really happy that he came, because I’m getting a little stir-crazy here. It’s only been a few days, but it was nice to see both him and T last night. I don’t trust myself to drive yet, but I might try to take a walk around JP tomorrow if the weather holds up.

I still have practically no voice, and it hurts to talk. Continuing my Godfather theme from above, I do sound a little bit like the Godfather himself. I should start telling people I’ll make them offers they can’t refuse. 🙂 I have also definitely lost weight– about 1 lb a day so far. I’m not complaining, but this is not the most ideal way to go about losing weight, let me tell you.

Anyway, I started watching Lost Season 3 last night, since I was feeling mentally competent enough to keep up with all the plot twists and craziness. I just finished a delicious bowl of Cream of Farina, so I’m off to watch some more Jack and Sawyer.


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