Road to Recovery- Pt. 4

Well I’m still hanging in there. I didn’t have the best night last night– for some reason I couldn’t fall asleep, and I think I only drifted off to la la land around 2 AM or so… then I woke up around 8 AM today with the most unbelievable pain in my throat, probably because my mouth was so dry. I was still groggy though, in that half-asleep stage where you know you should probably get up, and you want to get up, but the signals aren’t quite making it from your brain to your body. Anyway, once I actually dragged myself up and got some tylenol inside me, I felt much better, and went back to sleep for a few hours.

When I got up again around 11 AM, I was feeling much more like myself. I have more of a voice today, and I was feeling hungry– unusual! I got up, took a shower, put on some jeans and earrings (for the past few days I’ve been living in sweats), and once I had some Cream of Wheat for breakfast I headed outside for a nice long walk around JP. I brought my camera with me, and was able to get some nice shots of my neighborhood. It was pretty warm, and there were tons of people outside enjoying the weather. I came home around 2 PM, and couldn’t believe how long I’d been outside! It drained a lot of energy though, so I had some lunch and then settled in on the couch- my old friend.

I find it funny that some people have had such extreme issues with getting their tonsils out. While it definitely hasn’t been a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as some people have painted it to be (i.e. “the worst pain of my life”, “it hurt so bad I cried, and then it hurt even more,” etc. etc.) Maybe I am just stumbling across the blogs and online descriptions of the few people out there who had really bad times, but I haven’t experienced many of the symptoms I was lead to believe were in store for me: no vomiting, no bad breath, no (real) issues with sleeping, pain levels have never been more than a 2-3 (and that was at the hospital)….. all in all I’m happy so far with how things have gone. I know I still have a good week or more before I will be fully recovered, but I guess I’m lucky that I’ve squeaked through so far in the shape that I’m in. Maybe it’s all the green tea I’ve practically inhaled on a continuous basis since arriving home from the hospital. (No joke– I’ve gone through 2 gallons in 5 days).

In fact, the only real problem I have right now is I’m getting bored! I’m currently finishing off Lost Season 3, and then I have an episode of The Beast to watch. I’ve been overdosing on Law & Order lately, and NCIS is getting tiring too. I’ve got my Jasper Fforde book that I’m re-reading, but it’s not terribly exciting to me right now. Sigh. The things we have to deal with, huh?


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