Money Money

I am getting a little freaked about becoming a student again. Just a few short months, and I’ll have no source of steady income, and $100K worth of loans in my lap. Yikes!

This past Friday I took off some time from work in the afternoon and got on the phone to negotiate a good price for a studio I’d looked at last week. I managed to get the broker down to $1175 per month, H/HW included– not bad for a studio right around the corner from Fenway Park! I was really excited, the weather was gorgeous, I couldn’t wait to start measuring the space and downsizing my junk…

Then I decided to start nosing around online. I tell you, the internet is really really great (Avenue Q shout out!). But sometimes it really throw a wrench in your plans. I started off by looking for public parking near my future studio, and ended up reading horror stories about muggings and rapes and unsafe neighborhood alerts and undergrad parties and noise and OH MY GOD I CAN’T LIVE HERE!!!!! 2 AM and I was thisclose to a nervous breakdown. I am not one for having breakdowns and panic attacks, but I think I was in the grips of a full blown panic attack. I nearly called A. up to tell him I was going out in the cold and rain and dark to drive over to his place so I wouldn’t be having a breakdown by myself. I didn’t though, I felt too bad about waking him up. I couldn’t get to sleep, so I finally had a sip of Nyquil and the last dregs of the red wine, and slipped into a fitful sleep sometime around 3. Not. A. Good. Night.

The next morning I made A. go out with me in the miserable weather (rain rain go away!) to check out the apartment. We first stopped by this gorgeous place, and I had Ashley show me and A. the apartment again. I so want to live in this building! It is so beautiful. With marble. And glass. And clean carpets. And hardwood floors. And it is a 7 minute walk away from my future school. But it is $100 more than the apartment I’d been negotiating for. Plus there isn’t any open unit in this building yet. But I have hope that something will open up later this summer.

Then we drove behind Fenway to the second apartment. We couldn’t get inside, but I stopped a guy walking by on the sidewalk, and asked him if he’d mind answering a few questions. He was SO NICE and took the time to answer ALL my questions! (There were a whole bunch). Anyway, at the end of the conversation I was certain that there was no way I was going to live there. Reasons being: mostly undergrads, lots of noise, mice, heat, thin walls, crappy building, not the safest to walk around at night, lots of gay sex going on in the park across the street, etc. etc. EEK!!!

I felt a lot better after deciding not to go any further with the apartment. It was disappointing though, since I’d thought I might be done with the whole apartment search. Sigh.

After getting thoroughly soaked in the rain, A. and I decided to venture out again to Zaftig’s in Brookline. This place has the best comfort food ever! My favorite is the grilled cheese on challah bread, it is truly decadent. I can’t eat the whole thing because it is too rich, so I let A. order it instead and I just stole a few bites. 🙂

In an attempt to detox from the culinary excesses of the weekend, I decided to pack my breakfast and lunch last night, so I wouldn’t be tempted to run around and spend my money buying out today. I had Cream of Wheat with brown sugar for breakfast (this is my new favorite breakfast food, thanks to the surgery). I took a small plastic baggie filled with some sliced almonds and a few flakes of unsweetened coconut with me to work, and stirred them into the farina before I microwaved everything. It was DELICIOUS! For lunch I had some rice with mashed Indian eggplant, which was super yum and a really large portion– I saved half for lunch tomorrow. Dinner was just a sandwich, but I am on a mission to eat food that I have in my fridge and pantry before I buy new groceries, so that was fine. Now I’m watching some Wire episodes, and doing laundry. Off to bed in a bit!

Quote of the day: “It’s Baltimore, gentlemen. The gods will not save you.” –The Wire Season 3


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