Patriot’s Day

So in Massachusetts, we get some weird holidays. ‘Cause these people like to take time off! For example, Boston public schools get St. Patty’s Day off so all the good ‘ol Irish stalwarts have a legitimate excuse to go out and get blasted. Except they don’t say it quite that way. Instead, it’s presented as “Evacuation Day.” What is this strange holiday, you might ask? Evacuation of…. what exactly?

Definition: Evacuation Day is an official holiday celebrated on March 17 in Suffolk County, Cambridge, and Somerville, Mass. It commemorates the evacuation of Boston by British forces during the American Revolutionary War… Evacuation Day was officially proclaimed a holiday in 1901. In observance, schools and government offices are closed each year on the following Monday. Evacuation Day falls on the same day as St. Patrick’s Day, which works out nicely given Boston’s significant Irish population.”

Riiiight. In keeping with this great holiday tradition, we have Patriot’s Day coming up this Monday. “The holiday creates a three-day weekend and is thus a popular time for Boston residents to leave town on short vacations … The Boston Marathon, the world’s oldest annual marathon, is run each year on Patriots’ Day.” I still don’t consider myself a Bostonian, despite having lived here the longest of any city since I left home. But I will take advantage of the crazy nonsense holidays nonetheless! I’ll be heading out to Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. It’ll be three days of glorious alone time. I’m going to go walking and biking and read a lot. No computers or TV! Can’t wait.

What other nonsense holidays are out there? Anyone else have fun plans for this weekend?


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