It was a great weekend. Bright, sunny– albeit a tad cool. Definitely sweatshirt weather! I spent three days doing nothing but reading (I managed to race through two and a half books), sleeping, and walking to and from the beach. Oh, the walking! I may not have officially started my Couch to 5K yet (due to extreme laziness), but I did get in more than my fair share of walking. I didn’t bring my car across the ferry, so I spent the entire time on my poor two feet. I also made the brilliant decision one day to walk to South Beach, which is a good 4 miles away. By the time I realized what I’d gotten myself into, it was too late and I had committed to the trip! I was lucky enough to hitch a ride back for part of the walk with the owner of Smoke ‘N Bones in Oak Bluffs. Thank goodness! I was definitely hobbling around the next morning.

Now it’s back to reality, and I have a busy week coming up. I saw an apartment tonight, and assuming everything goes well I should sign the lease by the end of this week. I wasn’t able to see the actual apartment itself, but I saw one that is the ‘mirror image’ (supposedly). It was cute! The kitchen was small but serviceable, and it even included a dishwasher. (I have gotten spoiled by my dishwasher, so that was nice to see.) The apartment I would move into just had the kitchen and bathroom updated, so they are both modern and new. The room itself was of good size, and had a huge mirrored wall-length closet that would be more than sufficient for all my junk. I have high hopes. Once I see the actual apartment on Friday, I’ll make the deposit and submit my application. YAY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday I have another BU Admitted Students Reception, and Sunday I’m participating in a Public/Non-Profit Management study. I’m looking forward to meeting more of my future classmates and hanging out in my future neighborhood! In a little less than four months I will be starting school all over again. I always thought that I would be one of those perpetual graduate students in school until my hair turned gray. However now that I’ve been on my own and making a living for the past five years, the thought of going back to school is scary. Exciting, but scary. The next few months should be a real roller coaster ride.


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