Way back when (OK, 2 years ago), I used to be extremely active on a number of social networking sites. For various reasons I dropped off of most of them, and have forgotten my log-ins and passwords. Today someone accepted a long-ago friend request on one particular website that I used to frequent all the time. I logged back in to check out my old profile, and saw some old photos that I’d uploaded. Some of them made me shudder (why on earth did I think it would be a good idea to upload pictures of me making scary faces with Humita???) but some made me smile and laugh. Without further ado, here for your viewing pleasure…. Rocky!!! I dare you to look at this photo and NOT go “awwww”.



4 Comments on “Rocky!

    • This is my parents’ bulldog… he is adorable! He has the soul of a cranky old man in the body of a bulldog. I wish I could have my own puppy but I have to live vicariously through others.

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