Cookbook Contest Shoutout

So I’ve always been all about the free stuff. The giveaways, the contests, the one in a million chance teddy bear hanging up at the local carnival…

And now that I’m in back-to-school mode that instinct has grown even stronger. I mean, hello? I’m about to become a poor student with no income and no money to spend on fun but unnecessary items!

So with that thought in mind, and in the spirit of sharing, please see the lovely blog Erin Cooks. Her blog is a wonderful example of some of the really amazing food blogs out there right now, plus she is local! (Sort of… if you consider Cambridge to be just another Boston neighborhood). I regularly drool over the delectable pictures of her cooking…. mmm …. sorry, where was I?

Oh yeah! She’s giving away a cookbook! Erin will be giving away a copy of the cookbook “Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It” to one lucky reader. So go leave a comment on her latest entry for a chance to win, and while you’re at it you can look longingly at the tarts she made recently… an example of the type of thing I’d start making, then give up on half way because it would just be easier to pop a pre-made version in the toaster. I’m unexciting that way. Good luck!


2 Comments on “Cookbook Contest Shoutout

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  2. Thank you for the sweet link to my giveaway Felicia! I’m so glad you enjoy the blog. I hope you’ll try to make the toaster tarts someday. They really aren’t too terribly taxing. I promise!

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