Friday Fact

I am partially deaf in both ears. This is a genetic deformity and there is no specific reason why I have hearing loss, I wasn’t dropped on my head as a baby, etc. I wear a hearing aid in my right ear only, and it compensates for the left ear. I sometimes have a hard time hearing people talk on the telephone, so I prefer to have face-to-face conversations where I can watch your mouth move and use your facial cues to help get the full meaning of what you are saying. I sometimes misunderstand what others say, and this results in embarrassing moments where I answer “Yes” to “What did you do over the weekend?” If you think I’m ignoring you it’s probably because I just didn’t hear you. Unlike most people, if the noise level is bothering me, I can always just take out my hearing aid.


One Comment on “Friday Fact

  1. Ha – what a great spin you put on it. Sometimes I wish I could just ignore some people too but now you have a good reason for it 🙂

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