A Habitat for a Felish

It has been a whirlwind week and weekend! In the space of 7 days I have literally gone from the depths of despair, a 2 hour crying jag, and multiple panic attacks to complete and utter relaxation, quality time spent with friends, and happiness. I do tend to have roller coaster emotional changes (runs in the family), but this has been a tad extreme, even for me!

Last Tuesday I stumbled across the description of an apartment downtown. It sounded intriguing but there were no pictures– usually not a good sign. I called anyway. Wednesday I went to go see the place during lunchtime. I liked it, and by 1 pm Wed I was the new lessee of my very own apartment in the heart of Back Bay!

This is big, folks. Not only is this a neighborhood that I have always dreamed about living in, but everything is working out– rare for me. I’ll be living on my own for the first time in my life– I. Can’t. Wait! The studio is very large, and has enormous windows which mean lots of light– very important for yours truly. There is a separate kitchen and bathroom, a foyer, two closets (one of them is a walk-in!). Laundry in the building. Heat and hot water included. A 13 minute walk from school. Less by train. August 1st move in date, which means I get to avoid the madness that is Boston on September 1st. I can’t be happier about how everything has worked out.


2 Comments on “A Habitat for a Felish

  1. Good luck with the apartment! Almost one year ago I found a little apartment in downtown Tampa and moved out on my own…. it was a fun and freeing move! Make sure to check Craigslist for furniture!

    About the Sabra- you have to try it. I feel like the Sabra Salesperson of the Year here, but it really is heaven in your mouth!

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