Hand It Over

My second deposit for my BU MBA is due next week. I have been getting nice little reminder emails from the admissions people asking if I have had any issues sending in my money, since they haven’t received anything yet…. I still have seven days people!!! Let me hang on to my $500 a little bit longer, please. I’m going to be giving you enough $$ soon enough anyways. OK thanks. BIG SIGH. (Can you tell I’m not looking forward to my impending lack of money in the bank?)

I had a minor panic attack yesterday. I had to pull some paperwork from my financial aid folder to complete my Grad PLUS loan info, and realized that the sheet of paper I had to send in to secure my Stafford loan was due by April 23rd and here it was June 9th and I hadn’t sent it in!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS LET ME JUST HAVE A HEART ATTACK NOW AND GET IT OVER WITH ALREADY. I raced to work and called the grad program office as soon as humanly possible, heart racing and palms sweating. Someone up there is looking after me because everything was fine and they let me fax over the necessary information with no penalties or problems. This is SO unlike me. Usually I’m really on top of that kind of thing. Hopefully this isn’t an indication of what the next two years are going to be like. Brain, don’t fail me now!


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