First Day Down

Things have been in such a whirlwind, I can’t even imagine what my schedule and workload will be like once school *really* starts. Today marked the first official day of Pre-Term, and we had a morning full of speeches and warm welcomes from the Deans, Admissions, Alumni, and the Graduate Programs Office.

One of the speakers said something that really stuck with me. He asked us to sit and think for a moment about one specific thing that would have changed or that we would want to change by the time we graduate, 2 years from now. He said, “you will walk out of these doors in 2 years a different person.” I definitely think that is true. I don’t exactly know what will have changed, but I am sure I will change and grow tremendously over the next few years. For one, I hope to become more self-assured about my ability to make sound business recommendations. It’s a start!

The Alumni speaker told us to think about our pursuit of an MBA as classified as either Passion, Money, or Power. I think I fall into the Passion category. I am a career switcher, and I do want to do something with my degree that I consider meaningful… something that has a social impact. I’m not in the Public and Nonprofit program just cause it sounds good, after all! There weren’t that many hands raised for the Money and Power options, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the current economic situation.

While it has been a bit odd to be ‘back at school’, the good thing so far has been all the people I’ve been meeting. We got to meet our Cohorts today, and it was great to interact with the people that I will be spending the majority of the next year with. I have met so many friendly, outgoing, and warm classmates, and I think it really says something about the type of class that BU has tried to build.

Although I know that the workload is about to increase exponentially, I still sort of enjoyed my homework reading tonight. First case study ever! I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune in a matter of weeks. Off to bed, long day tomorrow.


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