First Week Down

Well….. I have survived my first week of business school! Yay!!!

Today we had a really interesting group activity with our new teams. We were given a Subartic Survival situation in which we (the team) were stranded in the middle of the Arctic tundra after a plane crash. We had a list of items that made it through the crash with us, and we had to rank them in order of their importance to us for survival. We ranked the items twice, once individually and once as a group.

My new team is comprised of 7 members. We are all very strong personalities, and I am still not sure what this will mean for us long-term. However, we rocked this activity. We probably discussed every possible scenario there is out there, and how our store of items would help us. I was pretty impressed by the range and depth of knowledge we all brought to the table. We were using flashlight batteries to start fires, starting fires with rum, and making water containers out of inner tubes.

The third part of the activity involved finding out what the experts thought of the scenario, and finding out how they ranked the items. We were fairly close on most of our items, and out of the 9 teams in our cohort we had the best score hands down, for the team most likely to survive. What was interesting was looking at our average individual score, which was much higher (higher scores were further away from the ‘expert opinion’, and indicated a decreased likelihood of survival) than the team score. The point being of course that as individuals we were so-so, but as a team we came together and utilized each other to improve and be successful.

Some teams did not survive.

The day ended with a wine and cheese social, and I went out for beers afterwards with a group of new friends. It’s been a long week, and next week will be equally intense. Can’t wait.


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