Presentation Finito!

First presentation was successfully presented today. I know that’s a horrible sentence, but I was up until 2:30 AM this morning fixing notes slides and citing pictures, so I’m not all there right now.

Well, the presentation went very well. We had some minor last minute issues with printing out color slides and 11th hour decisions to add in vital pieces of information, but it all came together in the end. We had stayed until 10 PM last night in SMG, going over every slide one by one and critiquing the presentation. I could tell that we were at a critical point in our team relationship– there were a few snappy comments made, a few unhappy people, and it could have very easily spiraled out of control. Instead, we somehow managed to spiral ourselves into some bonding time, and ended up running around the building pretending that we were trying to peek at the other teams still there working. Not everyone had as good a sense of humor about it as we did. So we stopped. And went back to work. Their loss!

I’m actually glad we are finished though– first, because it’s over. Second, and more important, this was a really valuable experience for us as a team. There were many moments where we could have given in to snipping and fighting and non-productive behavior. But somehow we managed to keep ourselves on track and put out a pretty impressive product, if I say so myself.

I’ll be glad not to have to pull up eBay’s homepage every time I log on the internet, though. A week of dreaming about eBay is too much for me.


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