When I first started applying to business school last year, everyone told me that the hardest thing I would face would be time management. “Yeah, right,” I thought. I’ve been in stressful situations before. I’ve worked two jobs at the same time. I’ve juggled multiple responsibilities and concerns in the air. “How hard can it really be?”

It’s hard. Yeah.

Two months since my last post kind of hard! I have been drinking from a fire hose kind of hard. There are more things to get done and more information to absorb than there are hours in the day. But I have to say, it’s all a little… exhilarating.

Last week I attended the Net Impact conference in Ithaca NY. It was a great two days spent in beautiful upstate NY, meeting lots of people and listening to some amazing speakers on topics such as social marketing, sustainability, green branding, and more. We drove back to Boston, tired and full (from an AWESOME meal at a little BBQ place in the middle of nowhere named Rubbin’ Butts), I felt a little sad that the brief respite from all the schoolwork was over. But then I realized that it’s already November, and my first semester at school is almost over, and how is that even possible when August was just yesterday?

Yeah, the work is insanely hard, and there is never an end to the things I have to get done, but I will look back on this first semester and think how amazing a time in my life this was. I have to remember this feeling as finals and integrated project loom just around the corner. Please remind me.


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