The Oat Report

It was hard waking up this morning, but I was excited about my bowl of overnight oats that was marinating away in my fridge! I think I was a little overambitious in trying to finish up the last of my milk though, since it hadn’t all been absorbed. So I zapped it real quick to make it warm and yummy. It was pretty good and filling, but I forgot to add sweetener and had an unpleasant surprise when I realized I was out of Splenda!!!! A drizzle of honey did the trick, but I made sure to pick up some sweetener at the corner store on my way home tonight.

Tomorrow will be the midpoint of my Business Law and Ethics class. This class is a one week required intensive for all first-year business students, and surprisingly it’s not as painful as I thought it would be. Today was pretty interesting since we discussed employment and contract law. If only I’d known what I found out today regarding employees at will and noncompete agreements… I wouldn’t have been so scared to quit my first job! Back when I was young and innocent. 😉 We talk about intellectual property law on Friday, and I’m looking forward to that– it’ll be one of the few times that I’ll actually feel that I know what I’m talking about in school! Have a good night all.


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