Back to Basics

It’s been a while since I last posted, huh? School tends to get in the way of minor things like free time. In any case, this semester seems to be much less intense than last semester, so hopefully you’ll be seeing much more from me in the weeks to come.

I was recently reminded of something that our Career Center representative told us the first week of school: “Networking is like breathing.” It is true! I have grown to appreciate this sentiment more and more over the past six months. As the world becomes more connected, our interpersonal connections increase as well. You never know who you might be sitting next to on the T in the morning!

Last week the Public and Nonprofit club had a “PNP Speed Dating Event” with first and second years. We took over the side room in Cornwalls and matched students up by internship and career interest. It was well attended, and I got the chance to meet some second years I haven’t had a chance to interact with as of yet.

I started talking to P., a second-year who I’d originally met when I was still applying to BU last year. We started to discuss digital marketing, and discovered that we have similar interests in the types of jobs we are looking for– he for a career, and me for an internship. As we kept talking, we found out that we were both going to be on the same prospective student panel later that evening, and so we kept the conversation going as we walked back to SMG.

Waiting in the lobby, he pulled up a powerpoint and gave me the name of someone to contact for an informational interview. What had started out as a random interaction turned into a potentially meaningful contact for me. So what’s the lesson? Never stop networking! Or, remember that your fellow BU students are a support system, and take advantage of who the other people are at your school.

Coming soon: I’m going to discuss how to narrow down your interests when you have too many to count!


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