Power Outage!

So today was a total mess of a day. I was sitting in a ‘fishbowl’ team room (so named because one whole side of the room is glass, leaving the occupants to feel as if they are on display) when all of a sudden the lights went out. At first I thought that the motion sensors had turned off the lights, but then I realized how dark it was and how the ENTIRE BUILDING WAS OUT OF POWER!!!! The emergency strips came on after a few minutes, but it was a very eerie feeling to sit there in the total darkness, wondering what to do next.

After maybe 20 minutes the PA System came on (who knew we even had a PA system?!) and we were told that classes were canceled until 2 PM. As we straggled out of the building, there were a few cops milling around in the foyer, and the doors were locked behind us. RANDOM!!!

I was hoping that class might be canceled tonight too, but the trusty maintenance guys got everything back on by 6 pm. They can get the power for an entire building back on, but they can’t take the time to fix my locker door, which has been falling off its hinges for three weeks now! Such is life as a lowly graduate student.


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