Mondays are the Worst Days….

How bad was this Monday? Let me count the ways:

1. Spring forward. The clock in our classroom still read 7 AM this morning, instead of 8 AM. I woke up at what should have been 5:45 AM. UGH.

2. Midterms returned bright and early– NOT the way I prefer to wake up, thanks very much!

3. Rain. Torrential rain. There is water everywhere. I had to wrap every book in my backpack in plastic this morning. Break out the ark, Noah.

4. Class til 9 PM. A whole day spent at school. Nice.

5. Still no call back from my phone interview last week. Am I in or am I out? Put me out of my misery!!!

The only bright side to today was the emails I got from a certain mister mister who is calling me tomorrow. That’s right, just a short while after declaring how happy I am not to be dating, I’m apparently jumping right back into the dating pool. My potential date is tall, dark, has a great smile, and happens to be British (I can’t wait to hear the accent). He’s also a law student at BU. Keepin it all in the family. I’ll keep you posted. Off to bed!


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