Make a Difference

One of the things that I love about being in business school is that you can take an idea, find other people who are equally passionate, and make it a reality. At the beginning of the spring semester, one of my teammates from last semester came up with the idea of doing one last activity together as a cohort before separating for the summer. He proposed that we raise funds and collect donations for Primeros Pasos, a non-profit medical clinic in Guatemala. From that first meeting in cold and snowy January, with a short Powerpoint presentation full of pictures and Rob’s impassioned speech, we have now moved to the formation of BU Global Services, a student group made up entirely of Cohort D first-year MBAs. (Note– we are an unofficial group, and are not formally affiliated with Boston University School of Management).

Out of my 56 classmates, 35 are traveling to Guatemala this May. That, to me, is just amazing. This is not going to be a trip full of drinking and partying. Granted, we’ll have fun. But the primary purpose is to allow the MBA students to experience first-hand a third-world country, and try and make a difference for this clinic. I can’t explain how blown away I am by my fellow classmates. This is a completely student-run venture, with no support from the school. Every single one of my cohort member has pitched in, and is contributing in some way, even if not physically going on the trip.

We’ll be continuing our fundraising efforts as the semester winds down, and as our trip grows closer (May). For the meantime, check out our new website: here! Let me know if you are interested in contributing or getting involved in any way.


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