I Live At School

Just finished a 14 hour day at school. That’s right. 14 hours. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh

You know it’s not going to be a good day when you wake up an hour past your alarm, 15 minutes before school starts. I literally ran to school with my backpack bouncing around like mad, hoping that I hadn’t forgotten anything crucial in my mad dash out the door. Luckily the teacher started a few minutes late, and so I still managed to get to class “on time!” Wahoo!

After 3 hours of lecture, I submitted a problem set for my IT Strategy class. Then it was off to forage for a quick lunch, after which I worked on my slides for the upcoming Net Impact Case Competition on Friday. At 1:30 pm I had a phone interview with a company, and then I dashed off to a team meeting for my operations project an hour later. At 4 pm I wandered back to the grad lounge to do some more slidework. I grabbed a quick dinner of tea bread and coffee in SBux, then headed to a team-meeting with my consulting project classmates before we met with our client at 6 pm. An hour and a half later, I headed back upstairs to work on the Net Impact presentation with my case team. I left the school at 10 pm, EXHAUSTED. Only to spend another 2 hours putting slides together, while cozily ensconced on my couch. Longest. Day. Ever. And I get to do it all over again tomorrow. Joy.


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