How crazy is this?!?!

I was surprised to see a huge mass of insanity on my corner as I walked home from school this afternoon. It looked like the scene of a disaster zone. There was a bus pulled over on the side of the road, with a full load of passengers and EMTS inside passing out water. Beacon and Mass Ave were both completely shut down and closed off to traffic, with yellow police tape fluttering on the corners. People were milling around on corners, some sitting on stoops and taking pictures. An ambulance station was set up in the middle of Mass Ave with stretchers and tables in the middle of the street. Fire trucks, ambulances, police cars, and news trucks were all over the place. One fire truck had its ladder extended up to the 9th floor of the high-rise condo building on the corner, and as I walked by I could see that almost all the windows on the top floors were broken in, and curtains were fluttering out the open gashes.

The lines of fire trucks and rescue vehicles extended all the way down the block to where I live and beyond. It was a very surreal experience to walk by and see water leaking out from the fire hydrants, hoses everywhere, and fire fighters taking breathers on the sidewalk outside my front door.

I’m not sure if anyone was hurt or not, but I hope everyone can get back inside their apartments soon! I can’t imagine how horrible it would have been to come home to find my apartment up in flames. Puts all my stress over papers and projects into perspective.


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