Presentations Galore

Well I just gave my last presentation with my amazing Semester 2 team, Team Deep Six, yesterday. It went way better than we had anticipated, and I think it was a fantastic way to end my Cohort D team experience. We still have to write one final paper together, so our time isn’t up yet– but the end is definitely in sight! (tear).

My final final presentation of my entire first year is tonight, and I can’t believe this first year has flown by so quickly! I mean, there is still a lot left to get through, and I won’t be done done with classes until June. But it’s crazy that I am already thinking about studying for final exams! My advice for anyone who will be starting a program next fall– savor every moment, the good and the bad. It will fly by so quickly you won’t even know it.

As I spoke this afternoon with a potential internship employer, I started thinking about how much I’d learned over the past 9 months. I have grown a lot, and I’ve learned what my limits are– and where I can stretch them. Well, enough. I have to go get ready for the presentation…


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