Stuck in bed while life moves on…

This is how I feel:

My awesome South Park mug that my sister got for me last Christmas. It’s an accurate representation of how I have been feeling lately.

My tale of woe begins with a sore throat late last Friday night, after a very fun evening of hanging out with old team members for dinner, and then a night spent up on a roof deck in Beacon Hill with more b-school cronies. I woke up Saturday morning shivering from what I was sure was the flu. It only got worse, and I ended up having to cancel– yes, CANCEL– my trip to Guatemala! 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 So while the rest of my friends got up early on Sunday morning and jetted away on this trip that we’ve been planning for five months, I was in bed, miserable and sick as a dog. I ended up coming down with strep throat yet again, compounded by a cold and now a massive attack of allergies. I just can’t win.

Six days later, I’m still barely mobile, wearing pajamas and old sweatshirts, leaving a trail of used tissues around the apartment, red-eyed, sniffly, hacking out my lungs, downing tea and cough drops like there’s no tomorrow, and praying for someone to put me out of my misery already! While the rest of my friends are in warm weather, hiking through mountains, lounging in hot springs, soaking up foreign culture, and having an apparently awesome time. (Yes, facebook is accessible even from Guatemala). Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Please excuse me while I go wallow in my misery some more. Adios.


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