One Week…

Wow– only one week left until my internship with VMware is over! I can’t believe that 10 weeks have flown by so quickly. Last Wednesday I gave my poster presentation– check out my crazy poster!

It’s funny– I worked really hard on putting this together, and when it was all over I realized I should have set it up COMPLETELY differently. Oh well! This is the first poster I’ve ever made, so I don’t think it was toooooo bad. It was definitely pretty different from all the other interns’ posters, though. Haha.

Because there are only 14 interns in the Cambridge office (as opposed to over 100 in the Palo Alto office), our presentations are pretty low key. We set up our posters in the multi purpose room, and stood around ready to answer questions from the engineers. I didn’t get as much interest in my poster as some of the other posters did, but I attribute that in part to the fact that there was way too much text (something I realized in retrospect), and most engineers were interested in projects that were directly related to what they were working on.

I did get some interest in a cloud computing project that I am part of, and it was really eye-opening to realize that I know more about certain areas of our cloud products and project development methodologies than people who are really knowledgeable in these techie areas.  Crazy!

Thursday we had an off-site company outing to Misselwood in Endicott College. GORGEOUS!!! I can’t believe I was paid to go spend all day in such a beautiful location.

Don’t you wish you could just jump right off the cliffs into that blue ocean water?

Up until 5 years ago, this was a private summer residence. I’d love to wake up in the mornings and see this view out my window.

Boats. Yes please!

Misselwood is the site of a lot of weddings now. We ran into a rehearsal party for a wedding the next day while we were there, and our lunch tent looked just like a bride and groom were about to pop out from around a corner– dance floor, dj, waiters, chandeliers. Not a bad way to spend a summer afternoon. 🙂


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