Change of Course

So this little blog of mine has taken many turns over the past years. It started out as a way to stay in touch with college friends, then morphed into a business-school blog for a while. Now, I’m done with school and it looks like both me and my blog are embarking on our next big adventure. I’m not sure what this will ultimately turn into, but I’m sure of one thing– I’m going to keep writing here. Hopefully, on a more regular basis now that I have more free time to myself.









One thing I’ve been excited about is the prospect of starting to write stories again. I used to have loads of storylines going at any one point in time, and I even have the classic unfinished novel that I’ve been working on for years. I’d love to make progress on finishing it, finally. To that end, I might post some chapters of things I’ve written or will write up here. Perhaps. Let’s see how this goes. Let’s not also forget my bad poetry– that too may have to make a comeback! 🙂


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