I tried to make fried rice tonight, and I failed.

I had all the ingredients you might want– leftover rice, green bell peppers, onions, eggs. Things started to go wrong almost immediately after I tipped the rice into the frying pan. Instead of getting fried and crispy, the rice just sat there, steaming. I decided to cut up some leftover spinach quiche that hadn’t turned out exactly the way I’d wanted it to and add that in, instead of the scrambled egg. And the pan full of food just sat there. I turned the heat up and tried my best to fry everything up. Then, as I poured soy sauce over everything, I realized that my soy sauce was actually teriyaki sauce.

Here’s the funny thing. I tasted a forkful of the big pile of mush, and it wasn’t bad! In fact, it was pretty tasty. In fact, it was a pretty good meal. This is a lesson that we learned over and over in our cases from business school– don’t be afraid of failure! Who knew that you could apply b-school concepts to cooking.


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