Pugs and Pancakes

I love when new and interesting people get inspired to blog, especially when I happen to know those people in real life! I’ve been friends with Steve and Meredith for about two years now, and they are also my saviors this summer, since I’ve been using their spare guest bedroom as a home base of sorts as I travel back and forth between Philly and Boston. Hopefully I’ll find an apartment of my very own quickly when I get back in August, so I won’t have to impose on them too much longer!

In any case, Meredith recently started a blog of her very own, titled “Pugs and Pancakes”. I will admit to not really knowing who reads this little blog of mine on a daily basis, but no matter who you are you should definitely check out her blog! In case my little plug hasn’t convinced you yet, here’s some further (visual) proof of why you might want to take a look. A day in the life of Pugs and Pancakes:

Minnie finds herself in a box. Courtesy Steve.

Minnie! How did you get into this box? (Steve exclaims with false curiosity).

Okay fine, I’ll help you get out.

Argh, pug attack!


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