Monday Monday Monday

Chance, Mom and I went out walking this morning in the Wissahickon Valley. It was a beautiful day and I love Valley Green because it’s just that– so green!

Swans? or ducks?

We weren’t going to bring Chance originally, but how could you say no to such a face?

Rocky, on the other hand, is a cranky sourpuss. These are typical Rocky poses:

What a grump! He didn’t even bother to come out of his cage to say good morning. So, Chance in tow, we headed over to Valley Green and trekked on our way. Halfway into our walk we stumbled upon what looked like a horse trough on the side of the path. There was a little spigot coming out of the side of the hill with fresh spring water. Chance immediately headed for the water. He clambered up to a tiny little ledge and perched, looking ridiculous, as he drank up. As we waited for him to drink his fill, I noticed there were stairs leading into the hill. So, I climbed them!

They led to a little wrought-iron door set into the side of the hill. Unfortunately the door was locked, but you could look inside. The room was just large enough for one person to stand or stretch out in, with one little window. It made me imagine some solitary monk sitting and meditating, looking out over the valley below. Or, a rest-stop for Robin Hood-type characters. Even though I know that the whole area used to be a mill, I still like to imagine something more fantastical– and who knows? Maybe it did use to be a secret hideout. 🙂

Are there any special places like Valley Green in your neck of the woods?


3 Comments on “Monday Monday Monday

    • Trust me, Rocky’s got nothing but ‘tude. Usually it involves him ignoring the world. He also gets pissed off when you make him go outside to pee. No pun intended.

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