In Which I Reveal My Incompetence

So I don’t really do as much with this blog as I really could– or should, considering I just graduated with a degree in Information Systems. I mean, there’s that Facebook page I managed to set up… and I have my Twitter linked here, but otherwise– embarrassing. So, um, yeah. I focused on strategy not the technology aspect….

Anyways. One of my tweets (or “twits”, as a certain unnamed MS professor used to call them) was retweeted/retwitted yesterday by VMware, and now my daily blog views has shot up enormously. I hope people aren’t disappointed when they come over to check out my blog and realize that I’m just a technology-illiterate spaz.

Sorry, future co-workers. Um, hope you enjoy my ramblings on online dating and bad poetry?


2 Comments on “In Which I Reveal My Incompetence

  1. haha, we should do a poll to find out how many MS-MBAs identify themselves as a “technology-illiterate spaz.” we need form some kind of support group.

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