Irene blew through yesterday. At first she was just a minor inconvenience, preventing me from exploring my new neighborhood, running errands, and meeting up with friends. I settled in for a long period of watching movies and reading books. But Irene had other plans in mind– around 2 PM Sunday the power, which had been flickering on and off all day, went out. For good.

I didn’t mind being disconnected at first, even though I lost power with 15 min of my movie left to go. I took a nap, read a book, and even dragged out my violin and subjected my neighbors to some squeaky scrapings. And then I sat. And sat. And it grew darker.

So finally I went out, met up with friends, drank, played board games, had dinner, watched True Blood, then went home in time for the power to turn back on at the stroke of midnight. Not a bad day, all in all.

Aside from the power, my building and apartment came through just fine. The building down on the corner– not so much. There was a GIANT tree branch in the front yard this morning. The branch had dented the wrought-iron fence out front, but luckily it missed the front-facing apartments.

The other casualties were some condiments and food items in my fridge. On the bright side, since I only moved in two weeks ago, I haven’t had the chance to really fill up the fridge. So no food, no trash. Now let’s just hope that the chicken curry I rescued from the freezer didn’t go bad- I’m my own guinea pig! 🙂


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