In Which I Question the Death of the Bookcase

Three days ago an article came out in the Economist suggesting that Ikea’s classic Billy bookcase was being redesigned (deeper shelves, glass doors) to account for declines in book-buying. At first I was all:

Oh noes, not the books! The books!

I took a look at the many, many piles of books that are sitting on my living room floor, just waiting for a nice friendly bookcase to hang out in. Poor books. I mean, they’re practically relics now, right? Supplanted by the shiny Kindle chilling in my work tote.

But then I thought about it.
As I flipped through Ikea’s 2012 catalog, I thought about MBA stuff.
Like time to market.
Like product design and marketing.
Like, the Billy bookcase redesign was probably a long time in the making.
Like, are we ever going to lose physical books completely? Or will e-books and e-readers simply co-exist with hard copies?

Maybe the redesign is in part due to changing trends in what people are choosing to store and display. But if the bookcase is really dead, then why are the remaining survivors still so expensive???? And if you find a nice cheap one, let me know. My books would appreciate it.


2 Comments on “In Which I Question the Death of the Bookcase

  1. it might be too late for this, but i heard that Borders was selling furniture from all its stores. it makes me so sad.
    anyway, i believe that ereaders will coexist with hard copies. i don’t really have a good reason for thinking this, but that’s my baseless opinion, and i’m sticking with it.

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