Vroom vroom

So many profiles on dating sites have pictures of the dude with his car, in his car, standing by his car, leaning against his car, or just his car. I don’t really understand. Is there a manual somewhere that says all girls are interested in what car you drive? I mean, unless you’re rocking this bad boy–

— I really couldn’t care less about your ’98 maroon Camry.

And yes, I realize that I’m sitting at home, posting this on a Saturday night. It’s been that kind of a day.


4 Comments on “Vroom vroom

  1. you should learn how to “ghost ride your whip”

    youtube it, there are some hilarious videos, and be sure to watch the original music video.

    • Thank you Bob Loblaw. I had never heard of ghost riding before. I lead such a sheltered life! Please feel free to send along any other funny youtube videos.

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