Will You Be My Friend?

Mailing Letters

Hello boys and girls. It’s story time here at Felish… da dish! I thought I would share with you a typical message that I get from the dating site that I’m on:

“i want to be friends but also i want to be my teacher for IT too >> what do you think about that?”

Um, I think no. Especially after I went and looked at this dude’s profile. He is married, a father, and works in IT. Not to mention that after reading his resume, I mean profile, I couldn’t quite decide if he’s looking for a job or a FWB. Maybe both?

Plus the bad grammar.

Yes, this is why I am still single. (Among other reasons).


One Comment on “Will You Be My Friend?

  1. Once or twice I visited a dating site myself and ‘stumbled’ upon these men similar to the one that you met across, most of them are not native English speakers, so the bad grammar’s explained, still I have a hard time making a ‘relationship’ work not because it doesn’t have the spark that I need, it’s just that it takes too much effort for me to communicate in this kind of scenario that annoys me because I have trouble understanding what the other one is trying to say.

    You can still find me at 32, single, available and looking. You are not alone.

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