Plod. Plod.

I learned many things in grad school. ‘Deliverables’ means homework, I can survive for 6+ months on 4 hours of sleep a night, and ‘deep six’ doesn’t necessarily mean exactly what might first come to mind.

One very important fact I learned was that I am a stress eater. Yes, ’tis true. I get stressed out? I eat. To make me feel better. A glass of wine here to relax. A handful (OK, several handfuls) of Cheezits there for dinner. Before you know it, school might be over but the damage has been done.

So, in an attempt to erase the unhealthy living of the last two years, I’ve started a Couch to 5 K program. You basically start off alternating jogging and walking at different intervals until eventually you build up to jogging for 30 minutes straight (the 5 K part). I’m on week 5 right now.

Oh, by the way. I hate hate hate hate to run. I’m not that good at it, either. I plod along, plod plod plod. Some people look so light and featherful when they run. Like they are just leaping their way down the road. I want to be a gazelle.

Grant's Gazelle Running

But I feel more like a hippopotamus.


I am running a 5 K on November 6th. Pray for me!


2 Comments on “Plod. Plod.

  1. ohmygod, mad props, girlfriend. a coworker told me the other day that he can run for at least 3 hrs straight without stopping. i wanted to stab him, but instead i told him he’s a gazelle. i am sending you lots of luck for Nov. 6!! go felish, go! do it deep 6 style! (umm… yeah. i don’t know what that means).

    • Seriously? 3 hours straight? Right there with you on the stabbing thing. And Deep 6 style means whatever you want it to mean! (I think we’ve established that by now šŸ˜‰ )

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