The little things in life

It’s days like today that make me supremely grateful for the little things.

*A run that started off miserably but ended good and strong. Reminding me how lucky I am to have legs that can propel me up and down three flights of stairs every day. How lucky I am to be able to walk through a gloomy gray drizzle, sad love songs playing through my headphones, to see a friend.
*Mothers who come bearing chicken masala and fathers with Yeungling.
*Clean clothes. Lovely-smelling, crisp clean clothing.
*A hilarious chat with my crazy counterpart in Shenzen. Worlds away but gmail lets you travel through time and space to argue about who gets to be the sane twin.
*The fact that I managed to fling my laptop off the bed just now and somehow, magically, after a quick pop of the frame back together it seems to be almost completely unscathed.

Good day. Good night.

108:365 - {thing 6} - teddy


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