This site is old

Do you know, I started writing this blog of mine (back when I was on Xanga and had no idea what WordPress was– did WordPress even exist?) in April of 2003? That’s 8.5 years ago. That’s crazy!

That being said, a lot of my early posts (when I was 21, 22, 23– jeezo) are not actually that bad. There are some real gems hidden in the archives. Take this, for example:

Warning. Read only if you have an hour to kill. You WILL get sucked in!


3 Comments on “This site is old

  1. I hear ya. I started a blog back in 2003 and they were called live journals or whatever and I would start a blog and quit a blog left and right because NO ONE was reading them back then. Not like now where EVERYONE has a blog and is showing pictures of their bare feet or stains on their t-shirts. OY.
    Sometimes I wish I’d stuck with it. I’d have a nice long blog archive now for at least one of my blogs.

    • You should add your old entries to one of your blogs! That’s what I did, I pulled out my Xanga college ramblings and added them to my site once I realized that I would never log in on Xanga again… ever…

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