A Scary Story

Scary pumpkin

Here is a real life horror story for you– and it happened to me just tonight! It was a perfectly normal Halloween evening. I sat in the Coolidge Corner Panera enjoying a tasty sandwich, a quick bite to eat in between the gym and heading to Steve and Mer’s for scary movie night. As I sat there, minding my own business, a group of high school hoodlums came in and started being loud and generally annoying. And then….. dunh dunh dunh… it happened! Yes. I was hit on by a high school youth. This is definitely a highlight of my dating career.



2 Comments on “A Scary Story

  1. Haha. I thought this story was going to end differently. Not so scary 😀 I was pushed on the bus the other day by a high school hoodlum. A girl no less. I gave her the death stare and she ran away … Highlight of my career as an intimidator!

  2. LOL – what’s worse? Getting hit on my young teenagers or dirty old (and I mean OLD) men?

    I’ve been the victim of the latter multiple of times. Not fun. I mean, seriously, do I even look gay? (don’t answer that)

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