Boom. I Finished a 5K

Just got back from a business trip out to Palo Alto/Portland last week. Right before I left, I “ran” a 5K with Meredith and Minnie. Our time was ridiculous but in all fairness, we were making sure that Minnie didn’t die along the way! Here we are, celebrating the fact that we all made it:


I am actually pretty psyched up to really run (jog) a 5K the whole way through. I am gonna keep up my Couch 2 5K jogging/training– it’s worked so far. The first week I started, I could barely make it through 30 seconds of jogging. Now, I can go for 20-25 min jogging straight. Even if it’s closer to a 14.5 min mile than a 12 min mile, it still is progress! Maybe I’ll even sign up for another race in a few months.

Seriously? Who am I? Don’t answer that.


5 Comments on “Boom. I Finished a 5K

  1. You go girl! I’m really proud of you. I remember we were talking about how much we hated running. Keep it up!

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