One, is the Loniest Number

The days are growing shorter.
The nights are longer and colder.
Hibernation on the couch with a snuggie is only so gratifying.
After a while, it gets lonely.
Everyone keeps saying that you’ll meet someone when you least expect it.
But really, who are these people who go around expecting romance?
No one I know goes out thinking, ‘it should be a nice sunny day today; later this afternoon I’ll meet the love of my life.’
If this has worked for you, please let me know because I’m genuinely curious.
But for me, I’m always least expecting it.

And it’s getting tiring.


3 Comments on “Expectations

  1. I tend to think of that phrase as another way of telling me this: I should focus on my greatest passions in life, maximize the freedom I have to pursue these passions and enjoy the experience without being distracted… along the way, someone will eventually find me attractive.

    Not saying it didn’t happen easily or as soon as I hoped – but it happened and I thank God with the deepest gratitude. Praying for ya, Felicia! 🙂

    • Thanks Mike, this post was just in response to a minor bump along the way, but it helps to know that my friends have got my back! 🙂

  2. what?! i was one of those people who always went around expecting romance everywhere. elevators, supermarkets, bookstores, you name it. i also watch too many rom-coms. i think there is a strong correlation there.

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