Game Theory and Other Topics

To the poor soul who found his or her way here with a google search of ‘making men horny’, I truly apologize for the disappointment.

PS, if anyone can tell me why guys profess not to play games and then turn right around and engage in top-level game-playing, I’m all ears.


7 Comments on “Game Theory and Other Topics

  1. Only reason I don’t admit to playing games at certain times is b/c then my wife might find out… lol don’t tell Mrs. Mewie that. I’m supposed to be sleeping!

  2. i don’t think they mean to play games — they play them unintentionally as a result of being extraordinarily dumb. it’s true: boys are dumb.
    change of subject: i learned that MANY MANY people come to my “bare bottom babies” post by searching for “naked babies” and “baby butt.” I AM SO DISTURBED.

  3. Something I’ve learned: any guy who says “I don’t play games,” plays games. It’s a fact. If he didn’t play games, it wouldn’t even dawn on him to make the disclaimer.

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