Movie Night

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The last time I went out to the movies on a Saturday night with a guy, it was with my boyfriend at the time. I don’t remember which movie we would have seen, but here’s how the night would have gone down:

*We would have argued during the day about the fact that we were stuck in his shitty apartment in Massachusetts’ most boring suburb ever
*We would have had dinner at a TGI Fridays/Panera/Indian restaurant/Applebee’s… in the suburbs
*We would have walked into the theater separately because he refused to hold hands with me
*We would wait in line, separately… because he didn’t believe in hugging or touching in public
*We would have watched the movie
*We would have driven back to his sad apartment and I would have gone to sleep while he stayed up ’til 4AM talking online

Change is good. Here’s to new boys who don’t mind holding hands.


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