And We’re Off

First things first– I recently discovered this photo on my computer. Isn’t it the cutest thing ever????

Second things second– I forced myself to go running yesterday so I could finish up “Week 6” of the C25K program. I’m using it as a general guide to help me get back into the running mode, even though I already went through the program once. And guess what guys, even though just a few days ago I could barely run 10 minutes without stopping for a break, yesterday I ran for 25 minutes straight! Granted, there were a few times where I had to sort of catch my breath while holding myself off the treadmill, but I still was moving for the entire time, no walking. I felt pretty proud of myself. This 5K thing might just happen after all.

But I still hate to run.


3 Comments on “And We’re Off

    • He’s actually super excited. He’s just holding it all in. Rocky loves to go swimming and kayaking. Which is odd because bulldogs are not made to interact well with water.

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