15 Days

… until I run another 5K! UGH. I don’t know why but I have been seriously not feeling the running vibe lately. I don’t know whether it’s my body rebelling, if I needed some recovery time, if I’m just in a funk or what. It has been a real struggle to get out there and get the legs pumping (note: I just wrote ‘lugs’ instead of ‘legs’… clearly you can tell I’m feeling like a total blob).

So it’s with some real trepidation that I realized today is April 1, which means I only have 15 days before I humiliate myself run the BAA 5K. To add insult to injury, I leave for a week-long business trip next Sunday, which means I realistically only have 8 days. EIGHT DAYS, people! (Note: I will try my best to go running in Switzerland, but in all honesty I’m not sure how much time I’m actually going to be able to log in. And, I’ve never gone jogging in Europe before. It might be… weird). Lord, give me strength to run up that hill at Park Street in two weeks and not have to walk like a baby.

Anyone else in a springtime funk? Part of my blues might have something to do with the fact that two weeks ago it was 80 degrees and I was wearing flip flops, and today it was a brisk 42 degrees and raining. Make up your mind what season we are in, Boston!


2 Comments on “15 Days

  1. Hey! I know how you feel. I run a solid week then my legs are so tired they don’t want to start back up the following monday. Switching up cardio exercises helps. When I don’t feel like running, I change it up to biking, rollerblading, swimming, tennis… something that doesn’t feel like I’m running but it will be helpful for my running career. Add variety… anything is better then nothing! Have a good trip! Good luck in your 5k. I just did one 2 days ago, and I was exhausted.. before the race started, the secret is to not tell yourself that. 🙂 stay positive!

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