Lessons learned

I’ve been having some problems recently where I sprained something in my right foot, so it was hurting for a while. Thankfully that’s gone away. I chalked it up to running in old sneakers (I have since bought new ones!), but the boy thinks the real culprit is my love of wearing flats… a typical conversation between us goes like this:

Me: “Ow. My foot hurts.”
Him: “Stop wearing flats.”
Me: “But I love wearing flats!”
Him: “They have no support.”
Me: “But they’re so cute!”
Him: “So you’d rather be in pain, just to look cute.”
Me: “…. well…”

So I switched to wearing sneakers and yes eventually the foot got better. But yesterday I decided to wear flats because I felt like it! And yesterday I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my leg, because I started walking funny, because the shoes were giving me blisters.

What. The. Frick. It was actually so painful that I woke up at 4 AM and had to hobble to the kitchen to get an ice pack. Not fun at all.

Stick with me now. This story actually does have a point. Two, in fact. First: I don’t like admitting when someone else is right and I am wrong. Second, all I wanted to be able to do, at 4AM, was to be able to point my finger across the room at my geriatric stuffed dog (23 years old this summer), say “Accio dog!” and have it fly over to join me in my misery.

So, to sum up: I am stubborn. And I am a nerd.


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